2020 Jame Ame holds the Official Guinness World Record for THE MAZE, the 'Largest Stencil Artwork' on earth.


2017 Dangerous Art, Haifa Museum, Israel.

2011 Inside Job, Tel Aviv Museum Of Contemporary Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavillion, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2011 Tel Aviv Museum Of Art, More than Canvas, Haft Hall, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2010 Animamix Biennial, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Beijing & Shanghai, China.

2010 Post Pop, Comics Cartoon Museum, Holon, Israel.

2009 Hebert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry, UK.


2020 THE MAZE ON TOUR -  (Date and location to be announced).

2020 Art On A Postcard -  Dreweatts Auctions - - UK - 25 June - 9 July

2020 Keren Bargil - Winter Art, Israel.

2020 Harley Gallery, Art Of LEGO, UK.

2019 20/21 Visual Arts Centre, Art Of LEGO, UK.

2019 Landmark Street Art interview in Washington, USA, with Martha Cooper & the King Of Graffiti, Blade.

2019 Landmark Street Art, Affordable Art Fair, London, UK.

2019 ZK, Zemack Gallery, California, USA.

2018 Elma Arts Complex - Crossover.

2018 Elma Arts Complex - The Maze.

2018 Expressions Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong, China.

2018 Freshness Art, Kikar Atarim, Tel Aviv

2018 Affordable Art Fair, NY, USA.

2017 ZK, Zemack Gallery, California, USA.

2017  Expressions Gallery, Frishman Street, Tel Aviv.

2017 Art Wynwood, Maimi, Florida.

2017 Grand Art Fair, Royal Victoria Dock, London.

2017  Winter Salon, Curated by Keren Bar-Gil, London, UK.

2015  20/20 POP STOP, Brown Hotel, Curated by Keren Bar-Gil, Tel Aviv.

2011  Brooklyn Nite Gallery, Group show, New York, USA.

2011  34 FineArt, Cape Town, South Africa.

2010  Eden Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York, USA.

2010  Eden Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2010  Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2010 Galeria Arte, Guadalajara, Mexico.

2010 Tiroche Gallery, Jaffa, Israel.

2011 Sea No Evil Art Show, Riverside, California, USA.

2010 Meeting Of Styles, New Jersey, New York, USA.

2010 Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2010 Graffik Gallery, London.

2009 Samson & Delila street art for Royal Swedish Opera House, Sweden.

2009 Upfest Street Art Festival, Bristol.

2009 Banksy POW Open Day, London.

2009 Upfest Gallery, Bristol, UK.

2009 Black Rat Press, group Show, London, UK.

2009 Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Soho, London, UK.

2008 LET’S GO solo show at Kishon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2008 Urban Art, Club 8, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2007 Comme il Faux, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2007 HOME at Legal Action Gallery, Florentine, Israel.


2019 BMW Mini Cooper

2019 EUROVISION, Israel. Netta Barzilai Lego street piece.

2018 Rideback Movie Studios (where they make the LEGO Movies), LA, USA.

2016 FACEBOOK Head Office, Tel Aviv.

2012 LEGO Billund, created a Limited Edition Ame72 LEGO Spaceman set.


2019 Philips - Fundraiser - Wish Foundation, London.

2018 Sothebys - Fundraiser - Wish Foundation, Israel.

2011 Matsart Fine Art Auction, Israel.

2010 Bonhams Urban Art, New Bond Street, London, UK.

2010 DNFA Urban Contemporary, London, UK.

2009 DNFA Urban Contemporary, London, UK.

2010 Tirosh Fine Art Auction, Israel.

2008 John Nicholsons Fine Art Auctions, Surrey, UK.


2019 Jpost, THE MAZE, Guiness World Record

2019 Haazetz, THE MAZE, Guiness World Record

2019 BBC News - Lego street art for Hollie

2019 HBO USA - Ame72 in Port Talbot

2019 BBC News - Ame72 in Port Talbot Street Art

2014 Planet Banksy, Published by Michael O’Mara Books, UK.

2011 The Cult Of Lego book, Published by No-starch press, USA.

2011 Street Art In Israel, Published by Tel Aviv Museum Of Art, Israel.

2011 Interview on

2010 That’s All Folks on the DNFA Auction catalogue cover, UK.

2010 Featured interview on

2009 Befriend Your Demon, Street Art In Tel Aviv, Laura Cheshin, Israel.

2008 Untitled Street Art book. Street Art in the counter culture.

2008 Post Pop Comics Cartoon catalogue cover for The Museum Of Art, Holon, Israel.

2008 Battle Of Nothing works featured in Time Out Magazine, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2007 Aliza Olmert & Gail Hareven Street Art book, Written On The Wall.

2002 Painted mural for front cover for PhoeniXmotion, Scheufelen Premium Papers Ltd.

iTag Graffiti App

Ame designed and created iTag Graffiti, a virtual graffiti app which allows the user to paint on their own mobile or tablet screen.

With over 1 million downloads on ther itunes app store, iTag Graffiti remains one the only dedicated graffiti apps created by an artist.

iTag Graffiti was showcased as part of his huge mural at the ‘Inside Job’ Street Art exhibition at the Museum Of Contemporary Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavillion, Tel Aviv.

iTag Graffiti is free to download on the iTunes App Store.