Why Ame72?

It's an old skool graffiti thing, the 3 middle letters of my first name followed by my old house number / postcode / year I was born etc.....


Why Lego?

At the young age of 5, our family TV died and my Father decided there and then, no more TV set, hence, my early childhood was spent playing with LEGO, not watching TV.

Do you make NFTs?


I also have a collection on OpenSea named URBAN EDITIONS.

Learn more here:

Do you donate to Charity?

I donate artworks to various good causes such as Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Since September 2021, our DOJI CREW community has donated over $100,000 to charity.

A percent from every sale is donated to various charities, selected by our discord community.

Where can I buy your art?

My webshop is closed at the moment but artworks can be purchased at Landmark Street Art:

Do you make customised artworks?

Rarely, please contact Michali with your request.

Do you have an Official LEGO product on the way?

Wait and see....

Where can I see THE MAZE?

A tour of THE MAZE was planned.....then covid hit, so for now, things are on hold.

Do you have any up and coming art exhibitions?

All future exhibitions are listed here:

Are you Banksy? / Can you contact Banksy for me? etc....


Will you come and paint my city?

Maybe / probably.